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SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe

What is giftme?

Whether shopping online or in-person, giftme is a mobile application allows people to purchase discounted gift cards that are delivered instantly to their smart phones.

How does it work?

The unused Gift Card Market is a 90 billion dollar a year industry. Every single year billions of dollars worth of gift cards go unused. We buy those unused gift cards for a discounted rate, and then we offer them to you for a discounted rate as well.

How do I buy a discounted gift card?

When shopping online or in person, use our mobile application to save money instantly on all of your purchases. Type in your favorite merchant into the “Where are you shopping” search bar and the amount of money you are planning to spend in the “How much are you spending?” search bar, and then select “save money now”. Our system will display to you the gift card closest to the value you plan on spending while shopping, along with the percentage you will save for that purchase. From there, select "pay now" and your gift card will be immediately delivered to you electronically. To view discounted rates for specific merchants, click here.

How do I get verified? Buying your first card.

Prior to purchasing your first discounted gift card, you are required to go through a verification process to set up your account. Clicking the giant red exclamation point on the main purchase screen or attempting to purchase your first gift card will lead you to the verification process. This usually involves entering your name, billing address, and taking a picture of the front/back of your credit card. (This establishes that you have possession and some thief isn’t using your card online.) Your account may take up to 24 hours to verify but is usually done in less then three. Once verified, you will receive a text message saying so and will be allowed to purchase instant discounted gift cards. Your card images are immediately deleted upon verification and your credit card number is never stored on our app. If you have any questions about this process or want to be verified a different way, please email support.

How do I sell a gift card?

To sell a gift card, select "sell gift card" from the navigation bar below. Click the plus sign on the top left corner to add a "new gift card" to our market place. Enter the merchant your card is from, take a picture of the front and back of the gift card, and enter the card number, card pin, and card balance in the appropriate fields. Afterwards, enter the value you desire to receive for the purchase of the gift card that you are selling. We will notify you once your card is sold and you will have the option having a check sent to you for the sale price. You can also sell a gift card that you have previously purchased by selecting "select from wallet".

What if the merchant I want to shop at is not listed?

We have over 200 merchants listed that are available for instant e-card deliveries. There are, however, merchants out there that do not support e-cards. In the future, we will add a feature that will allow users to buy and sell physical cards.

Is it secure?

We are PCI compliant and use Braintree powered by Paypal for all of our transactions so that all of your information is always safe and secure.

What is the gift card buying limit?

When signing up for the service, users have a fifty dollar gift card buying limit per a 48 hour period. This limit will rise as more purchases are made. To raise your gift card buying limit even further, upload a picture of your drivers license under the "My account" tab.

What is the seven day satisfaction guarantee?

Your experience on giftme is of utmost importance to us. If there was a material misrepresentation in your gift card purchase, we would like to make it up to you. All gift card transactions are covered by our 100% money back guarantee for 7 days from the date of purchase in accordance with the giftme guarantee. The giftme guarantee covers: • Gift cards that are not active • Gift cards with an inaccurate balance • Gift cards received as a different brand The giftme guarantee does not cover: • Buyer's remorse/change of mind • Misinterpretation of delivery method/time • Misinterpretation of redemption method • Neglect to apply promo code before purchase